Sciatica Treatment

In my ergonomics business, I see sciatica occasionally, as I work with people seated most of the day in their office or even driving a bus!  This disorder really hit home when I was experiencing these symptoms myself and was able to eliminate the symptoms through stretching, oil and affirmations.

Sciatica is a nerve related disorder that compresses the sciatic nerve that connects in the base of the spine, runs through the buttocks and into the leg and foot.  This compression may occur due to a herniated/bulging disc, misalignment of the spine, uneven leg length and tight piriformis muscle.  In fact, the disorder is also called “Piriformis Syndrome”.

Over the years of practice, I have found that a tight hamstring, lower back and buttocks muscles contribute to this type of nerve pain.  Here are some specific stretches that can alleviate the pain in their leg:  Sit on the edge of your chair with your feet flat on the floor.  Bring the affected leg up with your ankle to the opposite knee.  With your back straight and head up, gently press down on the affected knee.  If you need a deeper stretch.  Begin to lean forward, with your back straight.  Hold each stretch gently for 60 seconds each.

In addition, aromotherapy such as peppermint oil and helichrysum oil, applied directly on the muscles can help allieviate the nerve pain.  Make sure you dilute the oil with coconut oil or alternative and then massage into skin.  An affirmation, such as one provided by Louise Hay from “You can heal your life”, is: I move into my greater good, My good is everywhere and I am secure and safe.”

Lastly, Drink water (8 glasses), exercise, stretch and take micro-breaks!  Let me know if you have any additional ideas to share.

Charissa Shaw

Occupational Therapist