Health Care Benefits

Musculoskeletal Injuries in the healthcare sector are increasingly rapidly especially in medical imaging and patient care fields.
Imagine, preventing one ergonomic injury and
saving your company $42,000…

Healthcare organizations face unique problems such as specialized training, unique job functions and the transition to Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

Now, more than ever, healthcare workers have become knowledge workers.  Facilities have transitioned to mobile technology with wireless devices and computer workstations in increasing numbers, creating new risk factors. Ergonomics in healthcare goes beyond proper lifting mechanics and devices, laboratory work, procedures and housekeeping.  For administrative personnel, Nurses, Informatics nurse specialists and Doctors, computer ergonomics has come to the forefront.  With our specialized system Ergonomists, Nurses, Doctors, Risk Managers, Facilities and IT can all work together to solve one problem: Employee safety and productivity!

-Keep up with the latest on HIPAA regulations and other compliance needs.

-Custom ergonomics training for healthcare workers to increase productivity and decrease lost work time.

-Automate and Streamline your ergonomics process with our web-based system.

-Track unused equipment to save time and money.

-Communicate with ergonomic team members across healthcare business units for best practice sharing.