“I have been an ergonomist for over 8 years and I have never seen an ergonomic and workers compensation computerized software system as impressive as Ergolution.  Not only does it streamline all the specific details of ergonomic analysis, but it allows for integration with injured worker data and OSHA logs with seamless clarity.  All the educational tools are at your fingertips to improve ergonomics training, education and provide adaptive equipment.  It allows you to gather data quickly for follow-up or reports and reduces cumbersome paper trails and time consuming research.  Because of the extensive multi-media expertise, the program offers the best in customized solutions to meet our specific needs.”

Director of Ergonomics, Citrus Valley Health Partners, Dora Shaieb

I appreciate you making the excellent suggestions and a few minor changes to my chair, and keyboard.  I am like a new woman!!!  You are a lifesaver!!!

Dawn K Helwig Vice President Operations Initiatives, Union Bank

“Charissa and I are colleagues at Electronic Arts Los Angeles. I have been there since 2005 as the corporate chiropractor and work with ergonomics on a clinical level. Since 2005, I have routinely referred to Charissa all my patients with ergonomic assessment needs. I have found Charissa to be detail oriented, having an exceptionally brilliant grasp of work station issues from the head to the toes. I have been in practice for 15 years and have a Master’s in Health Education so I am well versed on what a position like hers entails. All I can say is this: I am uber impressed with Charissa’s forms that she provides the Human Resource and Benefit Managers of EA on the exact areas of an employee’s work station that need to be addressed. Charissa is also a public speaker in her field furthering the knowledge of the industry and is the creator of software that allows HR/Benefit Managers to more aptly address the specific postural and ergonomic needs of the staff – wow..you can’t get more evolved that that…kudo’s to Charissa! I highly recommend Charissa to any corporation seeking to get up to date and essential information on how to prevent workplace injury or address workplace repetitive stress issues. She is easy to work with and comes prepared with information to make your company soar. Dr. Lynn Kerew”

Dr. Lynn Kerew , Corporate Chiropractor , Electronic Arts