1. Employees go through an online self-evaluation before an Ergonomist goes out to evaluate an employee saving additional travel expenses.  Because employees learn how to change their workstation, this will prevent injuries and decreases severity of an existing injury.

2. The Employee section of Ergolution exposes employees to dynamic ergonomic education.  Learning how to stretch and exercise with videos, minimizing their exposure to ergonomic risk factors.

3. Utilizing Ergolution, employees are more aware of proper ergonomics, They can self-learn how to adjust their chair and make minor changes to their workstation, so Ergonomists spend less time on the basics of ergonomics and can focus on what’s important such as making modifications to their environment.

4. An automatic follow-up is sent to employees, which makes sure they have all the necessary equipment ordered, installed and tracks their progress every 30 days, 60 days and annually. This reduces the need and expense of an Ergonomist traveling or calling to check the progress of a case.

5. Ergolution’s customized report feature allows Injuries to be tracked to target highest risk departments within global enterprise so that programs and training can be focused on the people who need it the most.

6. Ergonomics data from Ergonomists, Insurance carriers, Facilities, and Human Resource Managers is centralized in Ergolution’s secure database so that employee cases are expedited and resolved faster without risking the employees privacy.

7. Ergolution helps program managers justify a centralized ergonomics budget if they don’t have a department ergonomics budget. Ergolution’s ability to track and manage outcomes through employee follow-ups will help create a clear reason for a future ergonomics budget.

8. Ergolution’s custom ergonomics and wellness dashboard allows employees to take control of their own health and safety, not waiting for an Ergonomist to fix their workstation.  This sense of responsibility and empowerment has been linked to a reduction in employees filing Workers’ Compensation claims and higher job satisfaction!

9. With Ergolution’s streamlined process,  Workers Compensation and OSHA filings are simplified so that Ergonomists can focus on strategic ergonomics program management.

10. Requests are automatically assigned to local Ergonomists with Ergolution’s secure dashboard, which reduces the time between when a request is submitted and the evaluation is performed.

Are you finding more ways Ergolution saves money and mitigates injuries? Submit your stories! We want to hear from you: info@ergolution.net

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